Heretic of the Year

Heretic of the Year, or HOTY, is Christendom’s most prestigious award. Each year, our staff picks the heathen that embodies our values. An apostate whose character stands above the rest.

That’s satire again: we’re saying the opposite of what we mean. We pray for the winner to die.

Of course the Bees’ about comedy, not violence. But if something happened to this year’s meddlesome priest, wouldn’t it be something?

This year’s winner was easy. May he burn.

This year’s hellbound winner:

Writers. Moors. Apostates. New Yorkers. Four of the plagues God left to test his chosen nation.

Dennard Dayle (presumably a rap name) is all four. He’s also the author of Everything Abridged, ideal kindling for your next bonfire.

Stock progressives think they’re better than you, which is venal. “Blind Monkey” thinks he’s better than us, which is mortal. Satire is a Christian tradition, dating all the way back to Red Eye in 2007. No one can judge our ability, especially a faithless snapback-American.

Congratulations to Mr. Dayle. And after the last winner’s misfortune, good luck.